How Far Do We Travel For the Wildest Tea In The World?

Let's Just say, We go  beyond anyone's imagination


Like most memorable stories, ours starts in an enchanted land too. It’s a place like none other. Some people call it the middle of nowhere, some call it the place one should steer clear of. And for some, well, it’s ‘beyond the gardens’.

Far away, on the distant mountains of North East India grow primly trimmed, rows and rows of tea bushes in the numerous tea estates. At the farthest corners of these you’ll find the last row, nonchalantly swaying in the breeze as it guards the gardens as a silent sentinel. Through a small gap here begins a narrow dirt path leading out into the mysterious unknown, a trail only a chosen few dare to tread.

A couple of miles along the pathless journey, the soundtrack begins to change. To silence. The only thing you can hear is your heartbeat and the sound of the twigs snapping under your bare feet. And there’s the unshakable, eerie feeling of being watched. A few hours of walking and you come face to face with the most astonishing sight. Beyond the gardens lies the wild, untamed wilderness, a forest, if you may. As you walk further in with trepidation, you are hit by the unexpectedness of everything you’ve ever imagined. For within this unending thicket of awe are trees, of tea. Yes, trees of tea. Not cowering three foot bushes, but towering thirty feet tall, sturdy giants growing in the wild, proud and native to the region. Now all that is left is for the rare breed of tea pluckers to pray to the deity of the forest, tame these giants with offerings from the lesser mortals and reverently pluck probably the wildest and largest tea leaves in the world. That is the essence of Beyondarie.

The journey isn’t over till the leaves get to you. It is the respect that is granted to each leaf, the fact that they aren’t shoved into factory conveyor belts, but instead carefully rolled by hand and treated to the fresh open air and natural sunlight right under the shade of the trees in the forest. They dry as they would hundreds of years ago, travelling companionably on the backs of men and women, as they trek through the slopes and bring back these gifts, these golden leaves back to their hamlets. These teas not only move you to rethink teas in terms of traditional taste but also bring along with them, innumerable benefits, wellness and healing. Black, Oolong, Green and White teas, these wild leaves offer you a moment so pure, you will be bestowed with a sense of clarity all the way from beyond the gardens.

Whether packaged as loose leaf or the neatly measured out tea pyramids, the experience of the whole, unbroken leaf is an unwaveringly bold experience. In fact, our tea pyramids form a range of pure and blended wild teas which, when packaged in combination with the untamed herbals, give a nuanced and incredibly aromatic experience. A precise sort of wild, these tea pyramids bring together our whole leaf teas with untamed herbals in neat little single serve packs that contain no broken bits and bobs but instead, a fine-tuned recipe that delivers a uniquely wild taste, every time.

our story

 Everything we have as a member of the wild Beyondarie pack is a story of indigenous ingredients that make up the most untamed herbal lattes and herbal teas in the world.

Whether serving as companions to the wild leaves or to other herbals, the combinations are potent and profound to say the least.

Lakadong Turmeric

A startling creation of nature born only in the hills of Meghalaya in Lakadong, comes Turmeric that is perhaps, the richest in curcumin in the world. With 3 times the golden magic, this turmeric is so exclusive, it doesn’t grow in any other region. Believe us, they’ve tried.

Karbi Ginger

And from Karbi Anglong in Assam, we find another gem in the form of Ginger, the root to solve the root causes of most of the health problems in our lives. A variety of Ginger so unique, it is GI tagged and marked. No imposters allowed here!

Bhut Jholokia

Then we have the world famous Bhut Jholokia, or the Ghost Pepper, straight out of Nagaland and into your tea. As the record holder for the organic with natural in the entire world, it is one of the fiercest and fieriest chillies in the world, but adds an incomparable fruity edge to the tea along with unique health benefits.


The thick, aromatic barks of Wild Cinnamon trees, the musky seeds of Black Cardamom pods, the lemony spice of Wild Litsea berries, it is all a part of the rich, uncompromising promise from beyond the gardens and beyond everything you’ve ever experienced in your tea.

So go ahead, find a comfortable corner, and take a sip of Beyondarie, and you’ll know why going beyond the ordinary is a way of life. To bring the wildest teas to you, we wouldn’t have imagined anything less.